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360 Degree Rotation Car Wireless Charger

This is the #1 rated and most in demand wireless charging luxury car magnet in the world. 

It's the only wireless charging car magnet that will charge your phone FAST, while holding it secure while you drive.

It is minimalisticsleek and incredibly high quality.

Say goodbye to old clunky mounts and car phone holders that don't work. 

With your car magnetic charger, your phone will be kept fully charged while you drive!

No more annoying cords...

No more ugly phone holders...

No more slow USB charging...

PLUS it will NEVER fall off while you're driving... even if you hit a speed bump.

You have probably seen our ads all over social media, and we are selling out extremely fast. Don't miss your chance to get your magnetic charger! 

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Orders are typically processed in 1-2 business days. Delivery within three weeks! We do our best to get your products to you as fast as possible. Contact support@pozzivibes.com with any questions. 

Our confidence on our premium products:

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3. 3 business days later you'll receive a refund of the purchase price (less S&H)